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Blackboard for iPad

Sketches and writes in chalk on a blackboard

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With Blackboard for iPad, you draw or write what you want, you save your creations to your favorites, you can copy them, send them by email, use them as wallpaper or associate them with contacts.

Shake the device : and everything disappears.

Manage your favorite creations simply by scrolling through all your designs, change them, remove them one by one or by multi-selection, send them to the photo album to access all the features of the iPad by making them visible to all your applications !

Several applications in one :

Tableau d'école


The nice little message :

You forgot your mom's birthday ?

A quick drawing with a little message written by hand and presto! You can send it directly to your mom.

If you need more inspiration, take one of your early creations, erase and draw on one of your pictures saved in your favorites, change the associated word and send each a personalized message rapidly.

Tableau d'école


Learn to write your children, show him writing each letter, shake the iPad and it is his turn. You can then quickly teach him how to write all the letters of the alphabet and how to chain several letters.

Your child has difficulty understanding simple operations? Nothing easier: Have him count the little stars that you draw, delete or add stars to deal with additions and subtractions, then let your imagination run free.

Tableau d'école


Customize your desktop wallpaper :

Write your name or make a custom drawing, use it as wallpaper for your iPad and make it unique among all the others !

Attach a drawing or handwriting to a contact: "It's Mom" with hearts, or "do not pick up!" and you will understand in a flash who's calling.


Playing fun games :

Want to play tic tac toe with a friend ? Nothing easier : Draw the grid and go !!

You want to involve more people ? Set a time and choose what you going to draw : and here you go, your teammate try to guess what's your drawing ! Shake the iPad, your drawing is erased and you go again !

A slate for kids :

Hours of waiting in the doctor's waiting room ? Leave your iPad safe to your children so they give free rein to their imagination !

You can save their creations on your iPad and share them with the whole family.


Need to write a code or a hint and you do not have paper handy ? Nothing is faster than writing on blackboard. Bookmark and saved ! You can even send the info by email to your friends.

A good drawing is worth a thousand words : Need to make a sketch ? Pull out your iPad !

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